Welcome to Bizarte Designs!

My name is Elizabeth Palmer-Spilker. Sharing a love of quilting through exhibits and teaching is a passion of mine. Everyone is creative in some way, and I enjoy coaxing that creativity out in classes. Look around--enjoy the gallery, and contact me if you have questions.Full Flower

What I Do:

Nearly all the work on this website is (or was) for sale, and I am available to do commission work. In addition, I teach a number of classes which you can find on the "Have Class Will Travel" page of this site. If you are interested in any of the work or in scheduling a class, please contact me at contact@bizarte.net.

ArchesI love quilts! I marvel at all types of quilts--the vision of the maker, what she or he might have been thinking--how all the pieces come together to make a whole. I love to snuggle under patchwork, and I love to make and admire (and collect!) art quilts.

I'm inspired to create art by things around me, especially nature, architecture, faith, words, and humor. I'm also something of a photography buff. You'll find all of these elements and themes in my work and sometimes more than one theme appears in a single work or series of works.